CrossOver Technology Consultants exceptional leaders managing a portfolio of programs and projects change through sound and proven Frameworks and methodologies.

Bridging your Business with Technology; CrossOver Technology Consultants elevate your projects through unique tool-sets and methodologies developed by leaders in the Project Management community.  We track and report on meaningful metrics that keep stakeholders informed and engaged.

Project Management is becoming increasingly important in today’s businesses. As executives are faced with rapidly changing business environments, their focus needs to remain on managing the organization through a strategic lens while looking for the next challenge. Often this leads to many false starts when it comes to executing on that vision, which is why it is important to use experienced project management professionals that have been tested and proven to move projects beyond the boardroom and into operational business solutions. Understanding effective project management methodologies and techniques can help organizations meet time, budget, quality, and other more specific objective constraints are met while ensuring that the needs of the business remain accounted for.


We help our clients achieve and maintain the highest level of success in their technology goals. We provide services that range from mentorship and consultation to full outsourced CIO/CTO relationships. Our experience consulting in active and/or advisory roles can help you identify where your company’s technology may be leveraged to its maximum, improved, and where you can minimize risks in an ever evolving IT landscape. Additionally, our consultants are able to leverage their experience and resources in helping you and your organization rationalize your portfolio of programs and projects against your organizations’ strategies and objectives.


Our management Consultants help you and your organization to realize the benefits and power of Program Management through managing multiple related projects and operations in order to achieve long term goals for the company. We work with you to identify synergistic activities and how to couple them and track them both as separate projects, but also as a combined program and then how to trace and measure their impact on the organization’s objectives. These measures have proven to show greater performance, shorter timelines than if they were managed separately, and significant savings for the company.


We approach project management with a focus on efficiency. We’re not interested in meetings just to have meetings, or processes just for the sake of process. We’re approach project management as a framework and methodology to get something done – an objective that has a real and positive business impact, why else are you doing it. Every company has those that can track tasks, or manage vendors. However, not every company has the available resources to provide focus with the skill that go beyond task and meeting coordination or the accountability to take ownership as if it was our own financial.


CrossOver Technology Consulting is a leader in Program and Project Management. Ensuring you’re your projects are completed on-time while leveraging resources effectively and keeping stakeholders informed.